MKN Volunteer Opportunities

Time commitments are flexible so any of your time will greatly help our kids. These opportunities are open to Parents, Grandparents, and Others.

Family Fun Time
  • Co-Chair
  • Volunteer Co-Chair
  • Setup
  • Planning Committee
  • Volunteer durning Event
  • Co-Coordinator
  • Assist with Page development
  • Take Pictures at Events
  • Take Video at Events
  • Co-Coordinator
  • Fundraiser Assistance
Making Spirtis Brighter
  • Co-Coordinator
  • Volunteer During Event
Decission Making
  • Regional Community Coordinator
  • Parent Body Coordinator
Legislative/Community Involvement
  • Legislative Advoccacy for our Kids in Minnesota
  • Marketing Resource Co-Coordinator
  • Outreach Liaison

If you are interested in any of these positions please contact us or call 612-227-8574